Rostakhiz Trading Group

Exporting goods basically requires obtaining various permits, in line with which a person must obtain all legal permits.

Rastakhiz Trading Group, abbreviated as RTC, is trying to do this task for you from zero to one hundred in this field.

With 15 years of successful experience in the field of export and import, this company can guide you well in this field.

Every product or commodity for export goes through a special process that must be done under the supervision of experts.

RTC company is always ready to provide you with services in this field from experts, with high knowledge in this field.

Also, you can find the most convenient way to export and import goods through Rastakhiz Trading Group with the advice of our experts in these matters.

Ease of work

Cooperation with Rastakhiz Trading Company will make the relevant matters in our specialized fields be done as easily as possible for you.

QA engineers

Experienced professionals

All matters related to the export and import of the goods you are looking for are carried out by experts and experienced people in the shortest possible time in a completely legal manner.

free consultation

Before starting the work, the professionals and experts of Rostakhiz Trading Group will provide you with the necessary tips for import and export in a completely professional manner.

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